Ten Reasons Why America's Public Schools Are Like America's Prisons

Ten Reasons Why America's Public Schools Are Like America's Prisons
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1. Both are compulsory. Obviously, prisons are designed to be compulsory punishment. Yet public schools, especially for poor kids, can also be de facto imprisonment. As schooling is required by law, and parents are often geographically, financially, or in some other way limited to their local public school, students end up being forced by law into the dictated state-run institution. It is worth mention that vouchers, which PI happens to support, would free parents and students from the lack of choice in schools.

5 Reasons Why Your High School Education Sucked


Over the past half-decade, I've been a private tutor to some of the most privileged brats in Orange County. This vocation has afforded me a great opportunity, not just in being able to transfer my barely passable knowledge of quadratic equations and plate tectonics to my students, but for myself as well.

Working with the future of America has allowed me to learn more about the particular struggles each student faces in their daily battle with an educational system which is greatly outdated. The following is a list of observations and ideas about how to improve the current public school curriculum in the United States.

The Schools Aren't Alright

The Schools Aren't Alright
Prometheus Institute Philosophy


One of the most obvious attributes intrinsic to capitalism is its diversity of production. Unlike socialism, capitalism possesses a liquidity of capabilities that allows it to offer a nearly unlimited number of product styles to appeal to an infinite number of consumer preferences.

State controlled economies produce only when the bureaucratic governing body promulgates if, when, and how a product is to be produced. However, the lack of extra sensory perception regarding consumer preferences dooms socialist economies to produce without regard to the diversity of human preferences. The mechanisms of state control invariably trail behind the demands of every individual.

Five Myths About School Vouchers

A Woman's Right to Choose (Her Child's School)
Five myths about school vouchers


Myth 1: "Voucher programs abandon public schools!"

Actually, they don't. They only give parents, who otherwise would have no choice in the school their child attends, the financial ability to choose the best school possible. This isn't always, as we all know, the local public school. Despite the bizarre desire of various interest groups to shackle parents to the public schools that they find inferior for the education of their children, vouchers offer parents an alternative to the saprogenic mediocrity the state offers them.