Obama as the "Decider"

The forces shaping Obama’s foreign policy when he takes the reins as Commander-in-Chief

2008 was just one of those years.  It was easy to get lost among all that took place.  Everywhere you turned there was something else.  From a presidential election that may not bring much change, but undoubtedly brought a lot of history, to an economic catastrophe brought on by profligate spending and an overabundance of easy credit, that we are now told will be solved through greater profligacy and easier credit, it was an interesting year to say the least, and it was easy to forget about the many things that happened outside the United States.

2009 is already starting off with a bang.  Jan 3 saw the week-long war bombardment of the Gaza Strip turn into, to use Defense Minister Ehud Barak’s phrase, “all out war,” as Israeli tanks rumbled into Gaza for the first time since withdrawing in 2005.  An incident has already taken place in Iraq between U.S. soldiers and an Iraqi civilian that will test the recently enacted Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA).  India and Pakistan stand on the verge of their fifth war since both achieved independence in 1947 - and the first since both states acquired nuclear weapons.  And the United States just handed out yet another war guarantee, this time in the form a “strategic partnership” with Georgia - yes, the same Georgia that had a brief war with Russia this summer.

So Mr. President-Elect, sure you still want the job?

Israel and Hamas: Qassam Rockets & Blowback

Examining the conflict in Gaza and the blowback that it will create for both Israel and the U.S.

The recent Israeli attack on the Gaza Strip has drawn worldwide attention, condemnation by many, and unyielding support from America’s political elite.  Much of the criticism seen in the media toward Israeli actions has focused on the idea of proportionality.  Proportionality is a key a tenet of Just War Theory, but proportionality is more of a moral concern than a strategic one.  The bombardment of the Gaza - one of the most densely populated areas in the world, housing 1.5 million Palestinians - was disproportionate, despite what Alan Dershowitz or Charles Krauthammer may claim.  The Qassam rockets launched by Hamas militants from Gaza had, up to the point of the Israeli bombing campaign, not killed a single Israeli.  Does this necessarily make Israel wrong for taking the actions they have?  To some the answer is undoubtedly yes, but to those living in Southern Israel the answer is not nearly as unequivocal - nor should it be.  The question does not stop, though, at the notion of proportionality, but instead must turn now to what the consequences will be.

Russia's Invasion of PI

The real reason for the August conflict in the Caucasus


I’ve figured it out!  I had long suspected it but now I’m sure of it.  The war between Russia and Georgia was over none other than the Prometheus Institute.  

Anybody Confused?

Well, let me explain.  In Greek mythology Prometheus stole fire from the gods and gave it to the people - i.e. giving knowledge to the people.....Just like us!  When Zeus and the other gods discovered his treachery Prometheus was bound in chains in the area now known as the Caucasus Mountains - near modern day Georgia (the one by Russia, not the one by Florida).  I’m guessing that those megalomaniacal Russkies realized how dangerous it was that we here at the Prometheus Institute are providing so much knowledge on free markets and individual liberty to the people from all the publicity PI gained being recognized by the Stevens Institute and winning a Templeton Award.  They must have figured a war with the Georgians would offer them an opportunity to extinguish our inspirational fire.

Sound a little far fetched....or perhaps a bit of a stretch in attempting to shamelessly plug our organization’s recent recognition?

Well, this explanation is absolutely ridiculous in attempting to explain Russia’s “invasion” of Georgia this August, but the explanations offered by American politicians and media personalities as to how the Russians wished to reconstitute its lost empire or that Russia was commencing a campaign to attack democracy itself amounted to, in light of recent reports, something only slightly less farcical.

South Ossetia and WWIII

South Ossetia and WWIII

The United States needs to keep its nose out of the current conflict between Russia and Georgia

By: Matt Fay

“If there is ever another war in Europe, it will come out of some damned silly thing in the Balkans”

- Otto von Bismarck

And it was some “damned silly thing in the Balkans” – the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand – that brought about World War I. Now, with conflict finally breaking out between Russia and Georgia, over Georgia’s breakaway province of South Ossetia, it will remain to be seen if World War III begins because of some “damned silly thing in Caucuses.”

I am sure that there are probably a few people scratching their heads right now, wondering “Where is South Ossetia?”; “What are the Caucuses?”; and “Isn’t Georgia right next to Florida?”

America's Next Wars

America’s Next Wars

What global hotspots will the next administration send American troops to?

By: Matt Fay

With the current disastrous wars taking place in Iraq and Afghanistan, it is hard to imagine that other wars would be possible. While many are currently pointing to the possibility of military strikes against Iran – a distinct possibility, but unfortunately, there are those still agitating for military action still elsewhere in the world. Due to a foreign policy based on interventionism, imperialism, and militarism; the fact that the U.S. military is already active in over 130 countries around the globe; and that there are still those that believe it is in the world’s best interest for America to spread “freedom” at the point of a bayonet; the odds of military conflict continue to climb. None of these potential conflicts are set in stone, and hopefully none will come to fruition.